[Proj. Completion News] Daegu M Square Shopping Mall


Project Daegu M Square, designed and built by design danaham is completed in July.
M Square is located in the technopolis of the industrial complex in Daegu. It is a 3 story shopping mall, including 1 basement, and the total floor area of it is about 23,100 m2.

A single layer of M Square is quite spacious. to create an exotic atmosphere where people can have a pleasant shopping experience, we have adopted the concept of European arcade in design. And because each floor is designed to be connected and wide open, people who are shopping inside would refreshing and pleasant. The atmosphere in each floor is different created by different design concepts, people would never get bored there.

According to our clients, the visitors were surprised and very much pleased by the sophistication of the interior design the moment they stepped into M square shopping mall, which contrasting to the simple or boring exterior of that building.
M Square probably gonna to become the landmark of technopolis in Daegu.


Communication Team: Hanna Jo (hanna_jo@danaham.com)