[Proj. Completion News] Opening Ceremony of Korean-style Buffet Puripchae (풀잎채) @ Jinju-si


Puripchae (풀잎채) Jinju store, which has been designed and built by design danaham, is newly opened on Sep 9, 2016. Puripchae (풀잎채) serves Korean-style buffet, delicious and healthy with nice presentation. Including Jinju Store, Puripchae (풀잎채) now has 47 chain-stores, spreading all over the country (South Korea).

Before that, design danaham had designed and built several stores for Puripchae (풀잎채). Through all the projects together, we became a good partner to each other.

The interior design @ Jinju Store applied traditional Korean ornament with modern design elements, to create a casual spatial environment, where people could relax well, and enjoy the beauty of Korean traditions. To take advantage of the breathe-taking view of Jinju Store, we installed a huge window to connect people dining inside with nature outside.

Please go try yourself of the rich and nicely presented authentic Korean-style buffet in Puripchae (풀잎채) Jinju store.


커뮤니케이션 팀 조한나 (hanna_jo@danaham.com)