[Company News] Website has been Redesigned


Design danaham’s website has been redesigned from scratch. It is a responsive website, which adjust its contents arrangement automatically and optimallY. It’s truly beautifully functional!


While redesigning the website, there are 3 things we have been pondering on:

  • Does the design reflect well the image of design danaham?
  • Is UI & UX intuitive enough?
  • Does it make communication easier and better?


First, we have only applied simple and plain color in design to make the visitors focus better on important contents. And visitors can easily browse through danaham’s website without clicking around much. Scrolling is way easier than clicking, especially on touchable devices. As a matter of fact, more ppl are browsing Internet through their phones or tablets!)

<d-zine> is a magazine from danaham. It will contain some interesting and inspiring stories, and some useful info on the interior industry. For the convenience of foreign customers and prospects, d-zine will available in 3 languages, Korean, English, and Chinese.


From now on, through danaham website, we will spare no effort to communicate better with you.


Communication Team: (hanna_jo@danaham.com)