design: Nari Goo
construct: Yeong-Sik Park
square: 363m2
completed: 2016.04.30
location: 예술의 전당 서예박물관

A good spatial design depends not only the merits of the space itself, but also a thorough consideration of its surrounding environment. “Delicate Korean Food Restaurant, Dam” is the only one Korean restaurant in Seoul Art Center (SAC), which represents Korean traditional arts. Dam is located in the “calligraphy museum”, where Korean traditional sense and artistic values are well preserved. Taking advantage of the location, design danaham combined design elements like ink, Korean paper, artificial flowers, as well as the calligraphy in design.

Concept: delicate conversation, “tamhwua” while eating


“Chopsticks” are the basic tools for dining, representing Korean food.

“tamhwua” has two meanings here:  conversation and light-colored painting.



The art wall made with the shades of ink and Korean paper is one of the design points we want to highlight. Starting from purchasing paper from Jeonju, dying it, and pasting it on the wall, etc, all the work are done by hands of professionals. The attributes of Korean paper stands out on that wall, creating a unique atmosphere matching with SAC.

Through the dimming lights through window paper, the using the calligraphy of tasty food-related Korean poems, and through other variety of ways promoting Korean flavor, the brand identity of Dam is clearly revealed.

“Delicate Korean Food Dam” is the project where designers’ and engineers’ real names are revealed for the first time on the project. This systems tells the story that we are confidence of our work and will be dedicated to protecting our clients’ investment.

“Delicate Korean Food Dam” is the newly launched brand, matching the attribute of SAC.
Therefore, from the beginning of this project, design danaham had considered brand concept as well as spatial concept when design. From naming, to CI, to the choosing of promotion materials, design danahm has worked with our clients, and managed to deliver the project with high degree of completion.

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