Oliveyoung Flagship Store

Flagship Store
design: Young-Bum Ma (So Gallery)
construct: Ji-Yuon Kang, Bora Kim, Deuk-Won Seo, Jun-Han Lee, Ji-Hyeok Lee
square: 430m2(1f), 695m2(2f)
completed: 2016.02.12
location: 서울특별시 중구 명동1가

Concept: No Boundary

The CJ Olive Young’s located at Myeong Dong, is a flagship store designed by Young-Bum Ma of So Gallery, one of my partner Company, and constructed by design danham.
Because of the “No Boundary” concept, designers created a boundary-free space with a unique structure, young and energetic. The design for the flow of human activities is also not restrained by conventions.

The first floor is filled with cosmetics of numerous brands, while 2nd floor is for various body care products and men’s care products, with a barber shop and TWOSOME PLACE (cafe).