design: Nari Goo
construct: Jung-Hyeon, Go
square: 266m2
completed: 2016.01.20
location: 서울특별시 강남구 청담동

Pubulla(Chinese:怕不辣, pabula), literally, means fear of not being spicy. As you may have known from its name, Pubulla is a Sichuan restaurant, serving authentic spicy dishes.

Generally, Sichuan cuisine is well-known for its hot and numb taste; however, Pubulla is dedicated to carrying forward 7 original flavors through its food course. To manifest that philosophy, our designer deliberately used simple combinations of design elements in terms of color of materials, to create a modern, and essence-focused dining environment.


Concept: Essence of material & texture


Stone, Metal, Earth and other likewise natural materials are used mainly to build a modern and neat dining environment.

The luxurious façade of neat signboard with gold-colored plaid patterns would draw people’s curiosity, and could reveal its presence from a distance.

The kitchen, located right in front of the entrance, plays a pivotal role of space, fitting naturally with its surrounding hall.

The beauty of marble used to in Kitchen was exposed fully. To highlight the texture of marble, and the harmony of its color with B&W, the indirect lighting at its bottom was applied, where we could tell how much effort danaham designers have taken to strength Pabulla’s brand identity.

In order to make the attributes of stone, earth and metal standing out, danaham designed have chosen simple B&W as its main color.

Though B&W is quite simple, you can still feel the rhythm of its hall.

To show the spectacular natural taste of foods, no splendid design are there to cause possible distractions and what the designers did was taking the full advantage of the materials and the deployment of space.


The application of plaid texture in the room as in the facade created consistency in design. Using scaled chopsticks in design to implicate the identity of Pabulla as a Chinese restaurant is wit.

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