Small house Big door

design: design methods
construct: Geun-Seok Jung, Jun-Hwan Lee, Won-Ki Kim
square: 1,165m2
completed: 2014.04.30
location: 서울특별시 중구 다동 115

Small House Big Door is a design hotel remodeled from an office built 50 years ago.

This is more than accommodation facilities made out of old buildings, the gallery and coffee shop inside is available for both hotel guests and local communities – walk in the gallery, sipping coffee.

Therefore, to make that happen, danaham has worked closely with “Design Methods”, a design studio, from the beginning to the end. “Design Methods” was in charge of total concept and furniture design, while design danaham of execution interior design and construction. Here we go, a unique hotel came into being!

Small House Big Door, a simple and restrained space makes people easily associate with “minus beauty”

Without unnecessities, designers focused on the beauty of space and functionality more than anything, and created a environment just right for relax and rest.

we have taken off its old slate roof and spared only the ceiling skeleton
The combination of modern design upon old building had an interesting chemistry. The sunshine come through roof make the space warm and welcoming like home.