Language Institute
design: Jeong Wook, Park
construct: Su Dong, Cho, Kyu Il, Song
square: 620m2
completed: 2017.02.24
location: Mapo-gu, Seoul

Concept: FLUX

· Activities & Fun   · Energetic   · No-Boundary

Wallstreet English is a global language institute which operates approx. 450 centers in 29 countries. It runs fun, interactive English classes for adults.

The institute’s designer has tried to steer clear of stereotypical academy interiors, and foster a relaxed atmosphere similar to a café.

The circular space in the center of the academy is known as the “social lounge”. The open-plan space serves as a social pivot-point in the academy, and is used for various gatherings.

The area is wall-less, and has only line markings and a metal frame to indicate boundaries. This invites students in, and encourages communication flow.

To top it all off, the oversized stickers stuck around the outside provide a playful twist.