Pulipchae Korean Buffet

design: Eun-Lee Lee, Jeong-Wook Park
construct: Yoeng-Min, Lee Hong-il, Kim
square: 565.4m2
completed: 2016.03.03
location: 서울 중구 을지로 현대시티 아울렛

design danaham has designed and constructed several branch stores for her loyal client, Pulipchae, known as Korean style buffet restaurant.

Pulipchae No. 43 store was located inside Dongdaemun Hyundai City outlet where tons inbound and outbound tourists gathered individually or within a group. To meet all of their needs, danaham has used foldable metal frames to divide rooms and lobbies, covered with Roman shade curtains. Our client was so happy that with that creative solution, they are able to receive any amount of visitors.

Concept: leaf, boudoir, house + door (to enjoy the scenery through the door in the room)


danaham used metal frames to partition room to create a modern space, with high-quality traditional Korean furnitures, handiworks, and Hanbok fabric as displays to re-interpret Korean traditional beauty in a modern context.

The main space in the menu bar, “Samdulnamucheon” is extremely simple; however, through this concept, people’s emotion can easily be aroused when eating delicious vegetarian Bibimbap in the Sarangchae. Through the doors, the view outside could be appreciated also.

The open space between those long tables is made in ways that could be adjusted easily, and the idea was inspired by traditional windows.

Roman shade curtain gives a feeling of windows and doors. Due to its permeable attribute, even when it is shut up, people inside won’t feel frustrated at all. The usage of that also reminds people of Korea.

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