design: Nari Goo
construct: Won-Sik Kim
square: 266m2
completed: 2015.05.30
location: 서울 특별시 강남구 도곡동

Concept: On one fine spring day!

Most general Korean-style barbeque restaurants are noisy and complicated, but VOM’e HANU is a rather quiet place where people can enjoy their food. This project got the inspiration from a nun, Hea-In Lee’s poem, “Spring’s Sonata”, describes what makes a spring. The designers combined the color of yellow and white with wooden tone scheme to create an atmosphere of spring. Additionally, thoughtfully place displays and flowerpots make the dining room warm as home.

Furthermore, this project includes not only general interior design but also the design of its logo, package, uniform, etc. This “TOTAL DESIGN” allows us to deliver a project with high quality.


On the whole, VOM’e has a casual and warm atmosphere. People would recognize VOM’e as a premium barbeque restaurant once they enter it, where meat are presented in the freezers with transparent glasses. People could see through their eyes the whole process that how meat is aged, trimmed and served on their table.

It is also possible for them to buy meat with special salt to eat at home with family, too.

In its previous design, privacy was the concept. The interior space was partitioned into small rooms which were different from VOM’e HANU’s concept, so danaham make it flat open.

By doing that, Total cost was reduced significantly. The original range hood was embedded under the table. To reuse those roasters, the range hood has to be hanged on the ceiling. The reflecting surface metal pipe creates a surprisingly good effect on the dining environment with lights shed on it. Between the opening kitchen and dining tables are some high wooden tables look like bar counter, which serves as guidelines for human flows as well as dining table. Toasting and eating meat on “bar counter” make you feel nothing but relaxed.

A special rectangle long table was placed in the hall
In order to give a relaxing and pleasant dining experience
We used the unusual yellow ceramic tile
To show the special visual effect.

Though Vom’e HANU is located at 2nd floor, after thorough analysis, danaham opened part of the walls and used transparent windows to connect people inside with nature outside.

Through windows, the people who dine and who work inside could the scenery outside changes with seasons. It’s another effect is that the sensed space is bigger than the actual one.

If we love each other, whenever is spring.

Winter is Spring
Summer is Spring
Autumn is Spring

Spring is whenever

– Lee Hea In<Spring’s Sonata> End

The maximum effect was achieved through the combination of color scheme and graphic design, and the usage of display and accessories with the application of basic finishing materials. Moreover, the designers took good care of all the details, and because of “TOTAL DESIGN”, the consistency can easily be noticed.

design danaham did a “TOTAL DESIGN” for VOM’e HANU, ranging from the design of its logo, package and uniform and so on. VOM’e HANU’s customers can recognize and experience its brand value during their time inside, such as taking seats, checking menus, receiving services, tasting the aged HANU meat as well as taking out the food.

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